Share Link Expirations and Passwords

Matt Terski

One of the big ideas behind is the ability to share your requirements with others in a really low-friction way. It should take just a click or two and the recipient should be able to see what you’re sharing with the click of a link – whether they’re using a computer, phone, or tablet.

ShareButtonYou can share whatever you happen to be viewing: a use case, a diagram, a list of requirements, etc. To share something, just click the share button.

We had to balance the goal of simple sharing with the need to keep your requirements reasonably secure. One way we did this was to have the links expire automatically in three days. This frees you from having to remember to disable the link and, if the link would eventually make it into the wild, it would become invalid quickly.

New: Expirations and Passwords

We did a few things to make the share link feature more useful. A three day expiration seems reasonable, but might not be what you want in all cases. You might want to give your stakeholders a week or a month to look at what you’re sharing. Or you might decide to revoke access to the link immediately. You can now do this by editing the share link after you create it:


When you edit the link, you’ll not only be able to change its expiration, but you can assign it a password, too. Anybody who clicks the link will be asked for the password before they can click through.


Finally, as Doug pointed out in the previous post, when a viewer follows your share link, they’ll be able to browse to other items in the same project, but not items outside of the project. So you can set up different projects for different groups (e.g. customers) and they’ll be limited to viewing only items in the project that you sent them.

I’m pretty excited about what we’ve done with sharing so far and I hope we’re striking the right balance between security and ease of use. Let me know what you think. Upload a project and share a link, then let me know what you think of the experience. What’s missing?

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