UI Overhaul

Matt Terski

Over the past few weeks our designer, Ryan, has been hard at work changing the templates that drive all of the pages you see on Requirements.cc. We had a few goals in mind when we started on this project.

NewProjectUIFirst, we stepped back and took a fresh look at all the pages on the site. We were devoting too much space to things that didn’t provide information (the large logo and header at the top of each page, for example). There were also some UI elements that were a bit half-baked that made it into our first release. If we’d waited to perfect everything, we still wouldn’t have released.

We also listened to some feedback and considered how you are using the site. We tried to make it easier for you to navigate – especially when you are working with multiple projects.

Anyhow, we expect to keep on refining the UI until we’re completely happy with it (which will never happen – we’ll always be trying to improve it). Let us know what you think.

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