What’s new? (in your project)

Doug Earl

Last week I wrote about how you can view and compare versions of your requirements and use cases. But how can you find out which items have changed without looking at each one individually? Yesterday we released a feature that allows you to do just that.

We’ve added a Frequently Changed section to the Items page which shows the 5 items with the most updates. This lets you see the “hot spots” in your project, those requirements and use cases with the most churn. At the bottom of this list, there is a link to view all changes.

Frequently Changed section on Item page

The resulting page shows the changes made to your project, organized by date. Currently it shows when an item has changed or been added, and soon, we’ll also show deletions. When you click on an item, it will use the aforementioned comparison feature to highlight the changes made to the item on that date.

View all changes

We think this will be a pretty useful feature, but as always we’d like to hear what you think, especially regarding your anticipated use of Requirements.cc.  Will you upload your project frequently and ask for reviews often?  If so, the change history will let your reviewers focus on the items that changed since their last review. Or, will you upload just once in a while, where nearly every item in the project has changed? Then perhaps the change history won’t be so useful, since each date will essentially be a list of your entire project.  So beta testers, what do you think?  Please let us know.

If you haven’t uploaded your project recently, go ahead and upload it again and see what’s new!

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